Confessions of a Valencianista

I have a confession to make. The last couple of seasons my valencianismo has declined dramatically

Sure, during this time my third child was born (on the height of Las Fallas, 19th of March, the day after the birthday of the club). I’ve changed jobs and my workload has increased. I’ve pursued personal goals in my life. There are many rational reasons why my valencianismo isn’t burning as it once did. But these are not the main reasons.

I used to spend hours, almost daily, to read about and discuss Valencia CF. That wasn’t healthy, it was a borderline addiction problem, albeit a very gentle one. It was my main hobby and obsession that only a forgiving and wonderful wife can endure for so long. I would catch every detail of the club, the players, things on and off the pitch.

But something happened. It wasn’t just me realizing there are other things in life of equal or greater importance, it was a series of events in a process that lead me to the point where I took a quiet time out. No, there still wasn’t a match I missed on TV, web radio or score-keeper apps (happened during a wedding), so I never abandoned the club.

I simply shut down all the noise: news, forums, chats, studio talk, you name it. I just followed the matches – many times without sound at all – and nothing else. And it has been liberating.

The very few times I approached news about the club I would be surprised at how little I got engaged, to the point where I thought I’d lost my passion! The news would always be the same: sacked coach, new player, poor results, organizational and political quarrels. Very seldom any noteworthy good news. I felt ashamed and relieved at the same time.

Had I become a cynical old git? Why not, I have the age and I’ve followed the club long enough. Perhaps it was in due time. Yet I can’t distance myself any further.

The club is in my heart and in my soul.

My time as the addicted real-time consumer VCF is over. I have joined the ranks of the grumpy old people who don’t know all the details and news anymore, but who have seen enough of the history to notice when it repeats.

And I’m proudly taking that place. On Mestalla you’ll see them all over the stadium; the people that say -“¡cheeee!” with that arrogant tone when a player misses a pass, or who complain about the coach’ decisions or lack thereof, but doesn’t seem to have a clue about who’s playing and how.

But beneath that shell of negativity is still the believer, that one day there will be a great success again. It’s there because the grumpy guys keep coming back and never miss a match. They all have a seed of hope planted in them.

Time will tell if this change is a passage, but right now I look forward to a new season: of great games, of opportunities, of new emotions, and to nurture my old and newfound grumpy feelings for the club in my heart.

The valencianismo is still strong in me, although in a different way than before. I have changed, but my love for the blanquinegre remains true.

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