#Chenews May 31st

Wanted Russian

Valencia and Villarreal  are going head to head for a number of targets (as usual) in this market, and Denis Cherysev with a past in both clubs is no different. Superdeporte today headlines that it’s up to the player to decide.

Andre Gomes discourse slowly changing

Where only a few days ago the sentiment was that Valencia want to keep Andre Gomes, the mood has now changed somewhat starting with Pako’s words yesterday and followed up in the news today. Juventus openly admit their interest, but Marrotta, sports director at the Italian club also assumed it would be difficult for them to secure the player. Most likely it is due to what Superdeporte have dubbed “The Mourinho effect”, indicating strong interest from the now United manager.

Fede Cartabia to get another chance

Pako Ayestarán will do as his predecessors and have Fede part take in preseason. His loan has arguably been the most successful of all and Depor would want to keep him. The Argentinean has been known for rather questionable behavior and it will be interesting to see how he conforms to Pako’s requirements.

Jaume backing Lim’s project

Jaume spoke about the future at Valencia yesterday and the player from Almenara told Las Provincias: ” The fans should know that Lim will take us to glory no matter the cost”.

Enzo Pérez leaving

Even though he wants to stay, Enzo is aware that he has to leave due to the club’s financial limitations. The Argentinean might yet get an opportunity to showcase his skills at the Copa America after Lucas Biglia was left struggling with an injury.

Cancelo wanted by Barcelona

The young right back was linked with Barcelona already when he was first signed by Valencia and with Dani Alves leaving, this interest is said to be renewed.

Sarabia also in a Valencian derby

The agent of the player has reduced the number of possible escapes from Segunda to two, namely Valencia and Villarreal who once again show interest for the same player.


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